bracelet ensures that you get rid of your addictions

This bracelet ensures that you get rid of your addictions in no time

One is addicted to smoking, the other has an adolescent son who cannot be put away behind his game computer, maybe your nails are biting or you are ‘bothered’ by a completely different addiction. With a slight addiction to shopping yourself, this news is certainly called: there is a bracelet that can help you get rid of every addiction!

The only thing you have to do is wear it consistently. Easy !

Get rid of your addictions with this bracelet

Pavlok 2, as the bracelet is called, works in the same way as a collar for dogs that generates electricity. Every time you show unwanted behavior, you get a shock through the bracelet. Good to know: you control the bracelet yourself. It is not that the bracelet recognizes it when you are back in H&M with a handful of dresses or when you light the next cigarette. And no, that does not mean that you can cheat: others can also operate the app of the bracelet. Do you want to sneak into the store ? Then your partner can quickly grab the app to give you a nice boost.

bracelet ensures that you get rid of your addictions

Now the only question is whether it hurts. The amount of pain seems to be better than expected, but let’s be honest : it is of course ‘the intention’ that you feel the shock. Think of it as the shock you sometimes get in the winter when you touch a statically charged object – such as a door handle.

Are you convinced and do you want to try it out? You can score the bracelet here . Of course there is a price tag on it, Look at it this way: you have to do something to say goodbye to your addiction.

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