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This happens to your body when you drink coke

A bottle of cola has a sugar content of 27 sugar cubes and you can use it to clean old pennies. Handy, of course, but it can’t be really good for your health. Do you also often drink cola during the weekend? And do you know what exactly happens to your body when you drink coke?

Cola as ‘health drink’

You can hardly imagine it, but Coca-Cola was marketed in 1886 by the American pharmacist John Pemberton as a ‘health drink’ made from vegetable syrup and spray water. At the time, it was believed that carbonated drinks were beneficial to health and could cure all kinds of illnesses and conditions, such as morphine addiction, digestive problems, nervousness, headache and impotence. The original Coca-Cola recipe contained two ingredients with a stimulating effect: cocaine and caffeine. Nowadays, cola and cola light no longer contain cocaine, but it has been replaced by a cocaine-free coca leaf extract.

Did you know:

  • After ten minutes, ten teaspoons of sugar have attacked your digestive system. The only reason you do not vomit is the presence of phosphoric acid, which counteracts your body’s natural response.
  • The insulin level in your blood rises after twenty minutes. Your liver has to work and convert all these sugars into fat.
  • All caffeine is absorbed by your body after forty minutes. Widening your pupils and raising your blood pressure because the liver releases a lot of sugar into the blood. The adenosine receptors are blocked, so your fatigue disappears.
  • After forty-five minutes your body increases the production of dopamine. The hormone that gives you a good feeling. This feeling is similar to using heroin.
  • After one hour, the phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc together in your gastrointestinal tract. This will overload your metabolism. In addition, the release of calcium through your urine increases.
  • After more than an hour the cola starts to drift moisture away from your body and calcium, magnesium and zinc disappear from your body. These minerals are important for your bones. You are starting to get irritated right now.

Do you now better understand what you are pouring down your throat when you drink a refreshing cold coke? This weekend maybe order a spa red at the bar!

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