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This holiday destination suits you based on your zodiac sign

Do you not yet have a clue where you want to go on vacation? Go for a European sun destination, because you don’t always have to travel far for good weather. Of course there are a lot of them, so we understand that it can be difficult to make a decision. We are happy to help you by linking your ideal sun destination to your zodiac sign. This way you know exactly where you will feel like a fish in the water this summer!

1 Capricorn – Malta

As a Capricorn you are always looking for a new challenge. Because being challenged, that’s what you get at. That way you can take on an extreme challenge in Malta. You will find the most beautiful walking routes on the island. Not just walking routes, but over rocks and along the coast for a spectacular view. After your effort you can reward yourself by relaxing on one of the many beaches in Malta, such as Golden Beach.

2 Aquarius – Zakynthos

You often try to distinguish yourself from the rest, so you will find something to explore on a Greek island. Although Zakynthos is a fairly touristy island, you know where to find the pristine spots so that you can turn it into an original holiday . Do you see a beautiful beach but the road towards it seems impossible? No problem for you. With your smart head you come up with a way to get there anyway.

3 Fish – Cinque Terre

You like to escape the real world now and then. Where can you do that better than the magical Cinque Terre? The five connected Italian villages look so crazy that you almost think you are in a dream world. Although this area is crowded with tourists every summer, you probably know how to find a quiet place to completely relax. Because as a spiritual type you need that from time to time.

4 Ram – Split

The enthusiastic type in you would prefer to be on a journey of discovery every day of the year. If you can finally go on holiday (even though that previous trip was not that long ago), you would prefer to go to a place where you have never been before. Will it be a European sun destination this year? Then Croatia fits you perfectly, especially the city of Split. We bet your friends haven’t been here yet? Ha, you will soon!

5 Taurus – Crete

Bulls are known to be real go-geters. You have therefore gone through your (study) work, so it is time for a well-deserved vacay . Choose the Greek island of Crete, where you not only have miles of beach, but also rugged nature reserves. Just lying on your beach bed is fine, if you also have enough to do. It will therefore not be long before you brave the rocks of Crete. But eh, don’t you forget to relax?

6 Twins – Barcelona

You can sometimes suffer from two conflicting feelings. For example, on the one hand you may want a city trip, but on the other hand you prefer to spend the whole day on the beach. Well, choosing just remains difficult. But dear Twins, why not just both? Book a trip to Barcelona, ​​where you not only have city but also beach! That way you can alternate when you want. Ideal, right?

7 Cancer – Santorini

The romantic in you prefers to visit the most idyllic places on earth. The Greek island of Santorini is one of them. The white buildings, blue roofs and turquoise sea provide that real holiday feeling, especially when you are with your lover. Book a stay in one of the many caves and take a boat trip while you are there. Tip: avoid the high season, because that romanticism can still be ruined by all those hordes of tourists.

8 Lion – Nice

Lions love to see and be seen. Preferably of course in a fancy place in an area where the weather is (almost) always nice. So sell to the French Côte d’Azur, where you have beautiful destinations one after the other. Nice is highly recommended, where you can not only stroll, but also chill on a yachtthat you don’t have.

9 Virgo – Lisbon

After those busy weeks you crave a sunny location. But lying on the beach is not for you. What to do Book a flight ticket to a sunny city, that is! Choose Lisbon, where you can relax at your own pace. There is a lot to see and do in this bustling city, so ensure proper preparation. But we don’t have to tell you that, since you’ve probably already ordered your travel book now.

10 Libra – Valencia

When you go on holiday, finding balance is the most important thing. Therefore you will find nothing at all just city or just beach. A combination, such as the Spanish city of Valencia. Here you can discover the fantastic city center, but also rent a bike and go to the beach. Now find the right balance between eating tapas and paella;)

11 Scorpio – Ibiza

Scorpions are a bit wild, so also want to (or should we say: especially) party in the summer. You do that of course on Ibiza, where you can not only party well, but also can chill a lot. You dance on it until the sun comes up, and then you can sleep on your beach bed for hours. Don’t forget to rub yourself in, otherwise you can’t go to that one party tonight. Ah yes, otherwise you can always visit the hippie market on, so you can go home with a nice souvenir.

12 Sagittarius – Positano

Before you go on an impulsive trip to book a trip, we want to give you another tip. Departure to Positano, Sagittarius! The Amalfi coast in Italy has everything you need: sun, sea, beach and, last but not least, LOTS of good food. The place is also ideal for maintaining your colorful Instagram feed. Pack your best swimwear and diva sun hat, because this is the place for you. Don’t get too excited now, huh?

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