The summer still leaves some time before in our cold little country. But we have found something that will completely put you in the summer mood. The best of both worlds comes together: wine and water fun!

pool float inflatable
Air mattresses with which you can float on the water are immensely popular. There are already versions such as flamingos, unicorns and donuts. But this is special for all wine lovers.

Airbed in the shape of a wine bottle

To have! This inflatable wine bottle is #summergoals. During the hot summer days there is nothing more fun than spending time in the water. And that doesn’t have to be boring relaxing if you have a cool air mattress in your possession. With this we will undoubtedly make the flash in the pool or on the beach this summer vacation.

Inflatable wine bottle

The inflatable wine bottle is now for sale via Amazon . In the flavors Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Floating around on red while you actually prefer white wine is of course not done . As far as we are concerned, there will also be a version in Dutch stores very quickly. One thing is missing: a holder for your glass of wine.