forgiving in relationships

This is for the woman who keeps on forgiving in relationships

You are the woman who gives, the woman who puts others first, the woman who helps others and who loves others with all her heart. You know how to get through the pain and you know how to keep your relationships and other people happy. You are able to forgive mistakes, to let go of the past and to love someone unconditionally.

But because of this you have allowed others to walk over you in the name of love.

While somewhere deep in your heart you know better. Somewhere in the back of your mind you know that you are being abused. You know that people sometimes hurt you because you allow it and because you give them the chance to do it again.

You know that you have given your heart to the wrong people, because they have clearly shown you that you are not a priority. But you find it difficult to let go of these people, and you have forgiven them so many times, this time you can still. Because this time everything will be different ..

But forgiving someone who actually doesn’t want to change at all or who loves you the way you should love someone is not healthy. Having a relationship with someone who makes you unhappy is not love.

For most of your life you have put others first. When someone knocked you down, you forgave it almost immediately. When someone cheated on you, you gave this person another chance. If someone walked out of your life, you just had that person come back later. This is not bad, but it is not healthy either. Not if this pattern keeps repeating itself.

You are the woman who forgives, who loves, who gives unconditional love. There is nothing wrong with that, it is beautiful. But you also have to protect yourself . There comes a time when your loving heart causes you to collapse and you don’t deserve that pain.

You are strong. Strong because you let go of the pain, strong because you love people despite their mistakes, strong because you give people a chance and because you know that nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. But you lose your power if you continue to forgive someone who doesn’t change. When you allow someone into your life who doesn’t deserve you.

The moments when you stand in tears in front of the mirror, when you are disappointed again, then you have to be strong! Then you have to be strong enough to forgive and to leave.

Do not change who you are or the way you love. But start by giving opportunities to the right people. Put your energy in relationships that make you stronger and see the person that you are. Put yourself first. Learn that you can forgive people, but that people cannot hurt you time and time again. Start by loving yourself unconditionally as you do with others ..

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