gift purchases during the festive season

This is how you survive gift purchases during the festive season

he best time of the year? O yes! Those cozy Christmas lights everywhere are of course already beautiful, but the holidays also mean: think about the best gift you will ever give to your loved one and of course the kids. Before you get stressed, that is not necessary at all. Because coming up with something original and wrapping in gifts will make you succeed with these tips.

Pay securely with your Mastercard

Online shopping has, apart from no queues at the cash registers, another advantage: nowadays you can pay almost anywhere with your Mastercard. That is nice, because this way you are insured against theft, loss and damage and you can get your money back if your order is incorrect *. Very nice if the gift looks very different in real life than on the picture.

Use this verse

You can of course overload the kids, your family and friends with gifts, but there is a good chance that most will disappear in the closet. Sin. To prevent this, you can keep this rhyme in your head while shopping. Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read .

By giving gifts to your children and friends that they want to have, which they really want, what they need and something that they can use for longer (something to read), their wishes will be fulfilled in one fell swoop. And you can search for gifts in a very organized way, without getting overwhelmed with all the fun things you come across.

Give something to do

Don’t know what to give? Skip the stores and dive into the hobbies of the person you are buying gifts for. Does your father-in-law love animals? Give an alpaca walk as a gift. Did your mother have a lot of stress at work? Spend a day at the spa together. And do you love to put nothing else on his wish list again this year than a pair of socks? Give him a high beer tasting, because he loves special beers so much. Take a good look at the person’s hobbies and you will always be happy with the experience you want to give as a gift.

And you can also be creative yourself with a homemade coupon for the personal touch. Making something small yourself is also more relaxing than braving the shopping crowd. This brings us to the next tip.

Make something yourself

You may already have the nicest gifts at home yourself. Or at least the supplies to make an original gift. Yes, you read that right: make your own gifts. From an old candle and a teacup you can make a very beautiful candle for your mother-in-law, check the DIY below .

Or pimp white, boring service that you score at the thrift store with a waterproof marker and personalize your gift. Talking about personalization, you can also make tea bags completely your own by putting your own quotes, questions or sweet messages on paper and stapling them on a string.

Everything in one place

If you do decide to dive into the stores, make sure you can buy everything in one place. The large department stores have many brands under one roof and you save yourself a lot of dabbling and doubt if you limit your shopping session to 1 or 2 stores. You can make a choice faster and you only have to go through one cash register. This also applies if you shop online. Which also have extra benefits, because if you pay . Do the gifts not arrive, are they broken or does the product not match what you saw online? Then you just get your money back.

Check discount codes

Collect all discount codes from magazines, or search for them online, and check at the stores where you plan to store gifts when there are promotions. Especially around Sinterklaas and Christmas, stores often stare with their prices, so keep an eye on the stores’ leaflets. You can care less about a few tens. Keep them in your wallet or phone so that you always have them to hand when you suddenly come across a cool gift.

It is “not expensive”

So many presents, so many wishes and so much money that suddenly goes through. You would think so, but original gifts don’t have to be expensive. In addition to a gift for themselves, give your children something they can play with. The latest board game that everyone is talking about, for example, that you can easily look up online and then pay securely with . And do not give your parents-in-law a separate gift, but give them a night away together or something nice for the home.

You can invite friends that you don’t see often for a nice dinner at your home (at your expense of course), and your partner? Make a big pot with all kinds of fun date ideas that he can unpack every month. From an evening of films to a one-hour foot massage. With these gifts you spread the costs, which is great if you are short of cash during these months.

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