This is why you get drunk in the air so quickly

This is why you get drunk in the air so quickly

Want a glass of wine or beer on the plane? Not a bad idea. It is often a good start to your holiday, but beware, because you really get drunk in the air faster!

A good start to the holiday

The holiday season is almost starting again and many people take the plane to a sunny resort. Many take a beer or wine on the plane. A perfect start to a relaxing time. Enjoy and top, and also a good way to curb the fly nerves. But what many people often underestimate is the effect of alcohol when you are in the air. You get drunk much faster!

Faster feeling of being drunk

The air pressure in the plane is equal to the pressure that you feel when you are in the mountains, at an altitude of 1800 to 2200 meters. This is a lower pressure than normal, so your body absorbs less oxygen. Because your body absorbs less oxygen, you sometimes get dizzy. This is not a problem, but sometimes it makes you feel embarrassed without drinking alcohol. Because there is less oxygen in your blood, you can get drunk faster, while the alcohol level is no higher than normal.

If you normally only feel something when drinking 2 glasses of wine, it is quite possible that you will feel in the air with 1 glass of wine or even less light in your head.

Alcohol and flies dry out

You dry out faster on the plane because the air is very dry. And if you also drink alcohol, you will dry out even faster. If you want to drink wine, beer or other alcoholic drinks, it is wise to have a glass of water. It’s a good idea to drink enough water, even if you don’t drink alcohol.

Summer period with many drunk partygoers

For many airlines, the summer period is a period in which they have a lot to do with drunken partygoers on board. Sometimes things get so out of hand that the plane has to make a stopover to get drunk passengers off board. In other cases, the police await them when they land. Some companies argue for a ban on alcohol on board, but others make a lot of money on the consumption of alcohol, which means that the profit of these – often low-cost – companies is just a little more.

Have you ever been drunk on board?

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