This place in the bathroom is even dirtier than the toilet!

This place in the bathroom is even dirtier than the toilet!

The bathroom is perhaps the least nice place in the house to clean. Dirty joints, limescale, other stains in the shower are sometimes difficult to clean. Yet it is a job that needs to be done, because there are a lot of places in the bathroom that are even dirtier than your toilet seat ..

Yes, researchers have discovered that the bathroom had the dirtiest surfaces of all the other places tested. And then we haven’t even talked about the dirtiest place in the bathroom ..

The research

Researchers from the global health organization NSF investigated about 30 surfaces in 22 houses (in the United States). These surfaces were tested for bacteria, fungi and yeasts. This investigation revealed that the bathroom in particular had the most dirty surfaces of all the places investigated .. But it is getting worse. Because of all the items in the bathroom that the researchers examined, the toothbrush holder turned out to contain the most microorganisms. How many microorganisms do you wonder? Well, it’s about 3,318,477 per 10 square centimeters. Ihh!

A bit nasty though

Now the number of microorganisms may not tell you much. But yeast was found in around 64% of all toothbrush holders, compared to 27% of all toilet seats. Yeast is not the only thing toothbrush holders contain, they also contain bacteria. A coliform bacterium was found in about 27% of all cases. That is a chic word for a bacterium that is often the result of contamination by droppings.

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A microbiologist at NSF, Lisa Yakes (similar to yikes, what’s in a name ) does not find this outcome surprising. She thinks it is not surprising that many microorganisms can be found at this location. A toothbrush holder has everything that bacteria love: it is dark, damp and it is not cleaned as often.

And now?

According to the researchers, there is no direct reason to panic. It does not necessarily mean that you can get sick from your toothbrush holder. This is because most bacteria cannot survive if they leave the body, so the coloform bacteria found in, for example, bathrooms are dead. The risk that you will fall ill is therefore zero. But let’s be honest : good is different …

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