healthy carnival

tips for a healthy carnival

Carnival is imminent in the south of the country! For most, carnival means a big party! But how nice and nice would it be if you came through the carnival healthy and well? With our tips, “healthy parties” is possible!

Did you know that Carnival used to be a food festival, just before the Lent began? Nowadays, the snacks and drinks are still well represented, but no one is known for fasting. The result is that the kilos fly faster than you can hossen them off.

And probably your carnival clothing is just not completely winter proof, so the cold or a flu is extra in the limelight. But in order not to spoil the party mood immediately, with the following measures after the festive week you can return to work, study or school!

Tips for a healthy carnival


  • Vitamin C – is very important for your health and prevents illnesses and viruses. Especially in autumn and winter, vitamin C is an excellent addition to maintain your resistance.
  • Zinc – dispels and prevents colds. It gives the immune system a boost, prevents bacilli from ending up in the nose through the mucous membrane and reduces the multiplication of bacteria.
  • Vitamin D – to support the immune system. Most people also need additional vitamin D from October to April because little or no vitamin D is produced in the skin during that period.
  • Echinacea – is a popular and age-old herbal remedy for influenza and colds and stimulates the immune system.


Drink enough water in between. Drinking alcohol removes moisture from your body and this causes headaches. Therefore, drink 2 large glasses of water before you go to sleep to be able to better dispose of the waste. Also the next morning it is important to drink enough.


Try to sleep 7 hours a night. A good night’s rest is necessary for recovery of your body. Sleep shortage not only reduces energy, but can also lead to all sorts of physical complaints.


Take a healthy and nourishing breakfast before you start. For example, choose a tasty green smoothie with protein powder, a banana-egg pancake, or an omelette with avocado on spelled bread. Tip: bananas are an easy and healthy carnival snack on the go. They calm the stomach and provide good soil thanks to starches and sugars.


Keep moving especially! One beer equals about 11 minutes of jogging. So grab all the festive opportunities to move around: The procession, big hossen, the polonaise, and wild dance moves, everything is possible during the carnival. And besides, you do not have to go to the gym right after the party!

Still a little hangover? Rest assured, then we also have a nice recipe for an anti-hangover juice! Do not have these ingredients in your home? Then take a cup of hot green tea (reduces the smell of alcohol) and a good breakfast (your metabolism starts)! Then you can quickly put on your carnival outfit again!

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