tighter stomach

3 tips for a tighter stomach

Belly fat, almost all women and also men have a small roll of fat on the belly that you might prefer to lose. An ultimate tight stomach does not necessarily have to, but that belly is sometimes in the way. And you want to get rid of it. But you do not know what to do? Do you have to eat fewer calories? Running? Or not? We give you 3 tips that really help to get a tighter stomach.

With the right tips & tricks you can really do it.tighter stomach

Tip 1: RELAX!

Did you know that your ‘stress’ promotes fat storage on the stomach? When your body experiences stress – both mental stress and physical stress – it makes glucose out of your reserves to give you the energy you need to survive this stress. This is the case with physical stress, but in long times of mental stress your body does not use the fuel and your blood sugar level will be constantly out of balance. To keep the blood sugar in check your body will produce insulin.

Too much insulin production ensures that the glucose is not converted into energy, but is stored as fat. Mainly in the abdominal area. So it is very important that you relax, make time for yourself, talk about things and enjoy nothing at all.

Tip 2: Train hard, but not too long

Exercise and strength training, you get a nice belly. It is important that you get enough exercise daily; the more exercise, the higher the heart rate and the more fat you burn. Yet it is important that you look closely at your training. Long-term cardio workouts are not good for your hormone management. Your body goes into the low-energy mode after one hour and recognizes the efforts as stress. Again you get a disturbed blood sugar level and you increase the capacity for abdominal fat storage. Training up to an hour is therefore more than enough. In addition, strength training of the large muscle groups is very important.

Trained muscles provide 24-hour combustion with optimal fat burning. The training of your individual abdominal muscles hardly puts anything on the dike, go for the big work, because that gives you a tight stomach.

Tip 3: Do not fat and eat fat

Numerous studies show that eating healthy fats stimulates fat burning and makes your skin and hair shine. Look at the Mediterranean cuisine; full of oils and fats of olives, fresh cheeses, fish, avocados and nuts, resulting in; flat bellies.

Following a carbohydrate-rich diet results in the opposite; the fat just stores itself in the abdominal area. So limit your intake of carbohydrates. Then that belly can still go on vacation!

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