tips for beautiful breasts

Tips for beautiful breasts

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Beautiful breast tips
By massaging your breasts for half an hour every day you can quickly get nicer breasts. After a month you can already see results in the form of firmer and bigger breasts.

Massaging something as simple as yourself can stimulate blood circulation and muscle growth in the area that you massage.
In addition, apply a few drops of essential rosehip oil. This way you take care of your skin and you can prevent stretch marks.

Make circular movements with your hands. Also massage your breasts in the direction of your heart.
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Larger breasts by exercise

Sports helps to improve your breasts
Physical effort can help to strengthen your breasts. You have to be consistent for that and teach yourself to do 30 minutes of exercises at least twice a day.

Body exercises that can help you to get beautiful breasts are:

  • Exercises with weights.
  • Exercises with your palms. First stretch your arms in front of your chest. Then place your palms together and exert pressure. This way you strengthen your chest muscles. Practice pressure for 20 seconds and then relax for 10 seconds.
  • Swimming without water. This exercise is not only fun but also effective. Stand upright and then move your arms as in breaststroke, as if you were swimming.
  • Push-ups. Start with 20 push-ups per day in a good rhythm and with energy. This way you can get a more toned, firmer breasts.

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