tips if you are shy!

6x tips if you are shy!

Perhaps you recognize that you don’t talk or dare to talk to everyone. Certainly with your crush, because then you slam shut … We have six tips to get rid of your embarrassment!


If you are shy, you soon tend to talk little to others. But guess what: if you try to talk to others and overcome your fear, you will naturally be less shy. You got this, babe.

Keep calm

If you are in conversation with someone, they will probably not realize that you are shy. Except when he or she sees that you are concerned about what you are going to say afterwards, for example because you pay close attention to how you are going to say something. Keep calm and try not to worry.


Body language is often the first thing that others look at. Do you always walk with your head bowed or do you look straight at everyone? Changing your posture already makes a difference. So: chest forwards, chin up and go!

Don’t blame yourself

If you are shy, you may have the tendency to blame yourself for the embarrassment. But you know what? Everyone is sometimes shy. It is human and you can get over it. Remember that you should never blame yourself for the embarrassment.


Do you find it scary to talk to someone? Then go there with your bestie. So you know that you have someone with whom you feel comfortable and so you do not have to be afraid!

Talk about it

If you know you’re shy, you can also talk to someone you trust about it. Maybe it’s your parents, your friends or your mentor. They can also help you get rid of your embarrassment.

Never be shy again! 🙂

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