Unexpected Ways You Can Help the Environment

7 x Unexpected Ways You Can Help the Environment

Living greener, we can no longer escape – luckily! Yet it is quite a challenge for many families. Because we are already so busy! These 7 tips make the world a little greener, and really don’t cause any extra work – promised!

easy tips for a better environment

Zero washed in the shower

The main ingredient of shampoo and soap is water. Quite strange, because you might as well add that water yourself when you are in the shower, right? In addition, the water in the shampoo and soap ensures that a (plastic) package is needed to store it. Fortunately, there is a very easy solution: buy soap bars. Most blocks of soap and shampoo are completely packaging-free! In addition, a soap bar also lasts much longer than a bottle of liquid soap or shampoo.

Washable handkerchiefs with nice print

How much is spotted in the winter? An average family uses a lot of paper tissues and tissues. A waste of money and the environment. Go back to days long gone when Grandpa always had a red handkerchief in his pocket, and buy nice little cotton handkerchiefs for your children. At the end of the day you throw them in the wash, and you’re done! With the small wipes you can also easily clean your faces. Wash the handkerchiefs in a small laundry bag in order not to lose them in the washing machine.

Reusable cotton pads for your makeup

You can easily remove your make-up from your face with cotton cotton pads. They are soft, easy to use and naturally washable. They can easily be put in the laundry bag with the aforementioned tissues!

Wet wax patches instead of pruning polishers

A well-prepared mother always has a pack of snuff polishers in her bag. But there is an easier and environmentally conscious solution to immediately reduce the large amount of waste: wet washing pads. Not only is it better for the environment, but you can also handle larger disasters – read: chocolate cords – with wet wipes. The perfect size are the IKEA washcloths. You can also cut an old towel into pieces and reuse it.

Fabric bread, fruit and vegetable bag

Do you buy your bread at the bakery? Then bring your own bread bag and ask if the baker puts the freshly cut bread in it. This way you reduce the use of plastic. You can do the same with the greengrocer!

Wetbags as a bag of bread

Do you want to bring something tasty for the trip? Then use wet bags. Wetbags are actually made for storing washable diapers, but these small printed bags also work great as a sandwich bag or for storing your wet wash cloths. Ideal!

Refillable and bulk packaging

Buy as many bulk packages as possible. A large package often has less packaging material than smaller packages. In addition, you can purchase as many refillable items as possible. Think of a pepper mill, a salt cellar, or a glass bottle of olive oil that you can refill.

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