weird things that happen during your period

7 weird things that happen during your period

Do you sometimes behave differently during the period of your period? do you get binge eating or are you moodier? check now 7 weird things that happen during your period (and that you recognize).

# 1 You have huge binge showers

Thanks hormones, now you fancy chocolate, hamburgers, candy and chips!

# 2 Your hair is a little fatter

Blegh … do you hate this too? that week you become friends again with the dry shampoo.

# 3 You wait for ‘the moment’

The moment you really have your period is always exciting. is it going to happen now or tonight?

# 4 You feel fat and bloated

Blegh, sometimes you have a somewhat thicker belly and you are slightly heavier. annoying! but that is because hormones are released that retain your fluid. after that bad week everything is back to normal, so don’t worry!

# 5 You have more shans during your period

Quite strange, but if you have your period you attract more attention. this is due to a hormonal change in your body that boys are apparently sensitive to.

# 6 You are super sensitive

Your pain threshold is low during your period and you respond emotionally faster. emotions such as crying, angry or happy will always be in the extreme. quite sad for the people who then live with you in a house!

# 7 You are super tired

Your body works overtime. you would like to stay in your bed for a few more hours in the morning.

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