wake up at the same time every night?

What does it mean if you wake up at the same time every night?

You are super tired and only want one thing; to your bed! It is therefore not surprising that you fall asleep within one breath of breath. Still, you manage to wake up in the middle of the night. And this time around 2:45 am. How is this possible?

Provided it happens occasionally, it’s not strange that you wake up at night. Does this happen more often and usually around the same time? Then this can say the following about your health.

If You Wake Up At The Same Time Every Night, This May Be Why

1# Insomnia

After hours of ceiling sessions you will finally fall asleep … To wake up in the middle of the night and repeat the tune from the beginning. Insomnia is no fun, read the symptoms + tips here!

2# Stomachache

It is precisely because you stop at night and do not eat that your stomach can react violently at the moment. Do you suffer from very pain and / or does the stomach ache disturb your sleep rhythm? Then call in a doctor!

3# Angst

Are you afraid of something? Do you walk around with fears? Or do you suffer from nightmares? Anxious feelings can disrupt your night’s sleep. Fortunately, there are many ways to relax your mind before you fall asleep, such as mediation and breathing exercises.

4# Bladder problems

Is the reason that you wake up a crowded bladder? Waking up at night to pee can indicate diabetes or bladder problems. A doctor’s visit can’t hurt!

5# Diabetes

People often wake up anyway in people with diabetes. Is this accompanied by thirst, hunger and faltering? Have a check-up with your doctor.

6# Sleep apnea

Sometimes waking up at night may be related to sleep apnea, or not breathing during your sleep. Sleep apnea is accompanied by a sleepy feeling, mood changes, loud snoring and gasping for breath. To get the diagnosis sleep apnea you need to see your doctor.

7# Alcohol

Granted; A nightcap is sometimes all you need to fall asleep. Nevertheless, an alcoholic snack does not always contribute to a good night’s sleep. Avoid alcohol about 3 hours before bedtime to get the most out of your beauty sleep!

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