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What your sleeping position says about you?

You can derive a lot about a person’s personality by analyzing how he or she sleeps. It is a question of observing if you have that possibility if you want to know more about yourself without being able to ask.

The way you lie in your sleep can say a lot about your personality, your habits and even what you are worried about. There are many different ways to lie when you are asleep. Find out in this article what your sleeping position tells you about yourself.

What does our sleeping position say about us?

When you sleep, your body benefits from the peace and your mind recovers and refreshes itself. While it is true that there are as many attitudes as there are people in the world, it is true that there are six basic attitudes to identify (with a few variants for each).

After much research, the relationship between the position in which people lie during their sleep and their personality became known. Body language is used at all times and is also present during your sleep. Every attitude also affects your health.

The six sleeping positions

#1 foetal position

This is sleeping on your side, curled up, with your knees to your chest and the arms crossed or close to your legs. It is so called because it is the way babies lie in the womb of the mother. Sometimes an arm can lie under a pillow. It is the most common attitude people take when they go to sleep. In the aforementioned study, 41% of the 1,000 people who were examined chose this attitude.

Twice as many women as men chose this position. There are different variants with regard to personality. For example, the “curling up” in sleep is related to the sensitivity and emotions, as well as the tendency towards closer relationships. People who sleep in this position may appear shy when they meet someone, but then they will relax. They are very kind, caring and are afraid of being emotionally hurt.

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