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Why do you get so tired of swimming?

Are you going for recreational swimming with the whole family every so often? Or do you occasionally dive into the water with your bestie to swim laps? Swimming can be a wonderful form of relaxation. Literally and figuratively, that is. Because whether you’ve been swimming for half an hour or an entire afternoon, you are always tired afterwards!

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Muscle strength

With cycling, skating and running the focus is mainly on training your legs. As well as in the gym, where it is ‘legday’ or ‘abs day’. Most workouts focus on collaboration between a certain muscle group and your core. But while swimming you train all the muscles in your body.

This form of exercise guarantees cardio, strength and technique training. You use your abs, biceps, triceps, glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. It’s no wonder your body gets so tired!


Because swimming is relaxing for many people, we forget that swimming laps is equivalent to an intense workout. Your heart rate will rise – just like with fitness, cycling and running -. You may not get out of breath when you lie in the water, but as soon as you fall down on the couch you feel that your heart has had a boost.


Have you ever made ‘swimming movements’ outside the water? That’s apple egg. However, the water provides the right resistance that our muscles put to work. Your body also uses a lot of energy to warm up again after swimming in cold water.

Did you swim in warm water? Then there is a good chance that you have become slightly pink. All in all, swimming is not only the perfect workout, but also the perfect sleeping aid!

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