stopping social media

Why stopping social media is not such a crazy idea?

Social media are all nice and nice, but meanwhile extremely addictive. You can probably no longer imagine a life without your favorite apps, but the post-smartphone period was perhaps a lot more pleasant.

What does a life without social media look like?

You work faster and better

If you are not distracted by vibrating cell phones and tablets around you, your productivity suddenly jumps out. Social media disturb us; even when we put our smartphone away, we often still think about the apps. We take a break (too) often to check for missed messages and are constantly working on the devices. We are actually multitasking non-stop. Exhausting.

You are more creative

If you feel like you are getting stuck in terms of creativity and new ideas, it may be that all of this has to do with your social media usage. According to experts, the key to creativity is taking breaks while you are busy with something other than social media. Even if you keep social media in the background, they remain disastrous for your creativity.

At the start you feel stressed

In the long run it is good to stop using social media, but in the short run you probably feel anxious and stressed. These feelings are caused by the fact that you are suddenly no longer connected to the rest of the world. If you normally are, you need some sort of withdrawal. Usually this rehab period lasts only a few days and then starts the rest of your life.

You feel less stressed

Because you can use social media almost always and everywhere, you often unconsciously feel the need to monitor EVERYTHING; 24/7. By being constantly online, your body produces extra cortisol. This stress hormone makes you feel restless and stressed, and even increases the chance of a depression. Your cortisol level drops as you distance yourself from social media. You become calmer and you can focus more easily.

You feel more confident

You will probably only show your best side on social media. You unconsciously show what others want to see; we only put the interesting, happy and almost perfect parts of our lives online. This may seem harmless at first glance, but because you only see everyone at its best, it soon feels like you’re falling short. Why are others always happy, always beautiful and always happy? If you compare yourself in a negative way with others, you probably do nothing but a big dent in your self-confidence. Stopping social media makes you feel much happier and more confident in the long term. Something to think about.

You sleep more

You think that you only check that one message before going to bed, but before you know it you will spend hours scrolling, liking and tagging. You probably feel it coming: if you stop using social media, you will avoid this problem. Think about it: an hour online every night before you go to sleep: that’s nice seven hours a week. Almost an entire working day! A waste of time, right?

Your real life relationships are getting closer

Social media can be an ideal way to stay in touch with old friends and acquaintances, but stopping online makes your tangible friendships ten times stronger. Face-to-face relationships are already much more powerful than online friendships, but by taking a break from social media you automatically focus more on these people. And that is bearing fruit.

You get bored less quickly

What do we do if we have to wait somewhere or stand in line? Yes, we are conjuring up our smartphones. Strangely enough, this actually doesn’t work at all; scrolling thoughtlessly past messages that we have seen ten times that day, makes us more bored than grabbing a magazine or book. An activity that makes our brains work really kills time.

You sit less

Sitting all day can be just as harmful as smoking, researchers claim. And say yourself, when we finally have free time after a long working day, we check our social media. By logging out you save a lot of time for other, healthier activities. Sure, you can go Netflix, but you can also take a walk with the dog or take a spinning class. It’s up to you.

You learn more about yourself

When you stop scrolling through the opinions of others, you will gradually find out what drives YOU, instead of them. Distancing yourself from social media means that you do not constantly need more confirmation, feedback and attention from others; direct or indirect. That wanting to be relevant in the eyes of someone else decreases, so you get to know yourself better. Sounds good right?

You become more decisive

The norms and values ​​of the majority of people are influenced by what they read on social media. Many decisions are not even really considered, it is a kind of collective consciousness. By stopping social media you learn to think for yourself and to make decisions independently and make choices. Quite pleasant in itself.

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